How the Internet has Changed Commercial Real Estate Advertising

Advertising Commercial Real Estate Using Online Directories

Whenever a commercial real estate agent does not take advantage of a marketing opportunity, then that agent is weakening their ability to compete in the marketplace. Marketing your properties is a critical part of your success, and there are many different tools you can use to help bring attention to the properties that you have for sale.

The Internet offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities for real estate professionals to use to their advantage. Online directories come in a variety of formats and topics, and can help you to reach a large audience for your listings.

Word Your Listing Carefully

Before a commercial real estate agent starts listing properties on an online directory, it is important to understand the guidelines for legal advertising messages. Most directories have similar guidelines, but always check the specific rules when you submit. Breaking their guidelines, even if in the hope of improving your ad's visibility, will lower your chance of being successfully accepted. Since your directory listing will be reaching a large audience, you want to make sure that all of your information is accurate and that it does a good job of representing the property.

As a commercial real estate agent, your online advertising is scrutinized by both customers and competitors. To avoid issues with listing your properties on online directories, just remember to represent your properties truthfully and you will never have a problem. Not only will your advertising fall within the guidelines of the online directories you are using, but you will establish a reputation for being an honest business professional.

Start with the Local Online Directories

There are several large websites, such as Google and Yelp, which offer local business directories for free. The biggest advantage to being listed on these directories is that your listing will appear above the national listings in the search results. Local business directories by large websites are designed to spotlight local businesses when a person makes a search that is focused on a particular area. You need to take advantage of that benefit and get your listings seen by more local people.

Each local directory has its own format and rules for creating a listing. Some will allow you to completely customize your listings, while others draw information from a variety of sources and then compile that information into your listing. For example, Google may already have an image for the commercial property address you are listing and may decide to use its own image instead of yours. You need to become proficient in using the local directories to take advantage of the significant advertising boost they can provide.

National Directories

According to the National Association of Realtors, the GDP for the United States rose by four percent during the second quarter of 2014. That means that more people are spending money and more businesses are growing. It also means that more businesses are considering expansion, which is why you need to not only focus on local businesses as potential clients, but get involved in national online directories as well.

For the most part, you can expect to pay a fee to be listed on an online directory that reaches a national audience. But the return on that investment can be significant if you do a little research and create listings that are targeted at specific types of commercial real estate buyers.

For example, if you have a large retail space for sale, then you may be able to attract a retail buyer from another part of the country who is looking to expand into your geographic area. A national online directory can reach a substantial audience and can give your property the exposure you need.

Another benefit to national directories is that you can include a great deal of information about your real estate firm that could lead to referrals and other sales leads. National sales directories are utilized every day by business professionals looking for certain products or services. If your commercial real estate is not listed on a national online directory, then you are leaving money on the table.

Update Your Directory Information Often

When you have properties listed on online directories, it is important to keep the listing information current, because you never know when a prospective buyer will see your listing. This can be a challenge because updating directory information means going to each individual directory and making the necessary changes. But, once again, the effort will be worth it when your properties start selling.

Online directories are extremely popular, especially in the business world. Your commercial real estate firm engages in business to business selling, which means that you need to put your listings where other business professionals will see them. Local and national online directories offer a great opportunity for you to expand your audience and get your listings in front of business professionals who have a genuine interest in buying your properties., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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