Advertising Commercial Real Estate Using Targeted Mailers

Creating a Commercial Real Estate Blog

A commercial real estate blog is an excellent way for you to provide formal or informal, timely information with your clients, answer questions from prospective buyers and promote your listings. When you create a commercial real estate blog, you need to keep some tips in mind that will help you to get the most out of it and use it to drive revenue.

Remember To Blog and Not Brag

A professional real estate blog should be used to promote your listings, discuss trends in the commercial real estate market and establish yourself as a credible resource to people in the industry. When you blog, you should stick to professional topics and maintain a professional tone at all times.

The biggest mistake some commercial real estate agents make with their blog is bragging about recent sales or recounting talking a client into a price that was higher than it needed to be for the property. Not only can posting this kind of material on your blog discredit your professionalism, it could also result in legal action if your bragging turns out to be the result of illegal activity. The act of blogging is dispensing valuable information and that is what you should stick to.

Use Images and Videos

Most of the very best blog hosts offer free services that allow you to easily add images and videos to your posts. A big problem some commercial real estate professionals run into is posting pictures or videos that belong to someone else. Even with content that is not copyrighted, it is considered bad manners to use media that does not belong to you without permission or credit. The best way to avoid these problems is to take all the pictures and videos you use yourself.

By investing in a good camera that captures both photos and videos, you can create your own multimedia content that will significantly enhance your commercial real estate blog. Make sure that your images and videos look as professional possible, and look into using simple editing software to add effects and graphics to your pictures and videos as well.

Use Unique Titles

A blog post title is like your headline. If you use the same titles over and over again, your content is not going to get good positioning on the search engine results pages nor attract the attention of internet users. Always try to find unique titles for your content and use different angles as often as possible. For example, a title of "7 Ways To Improve Your Storefront" will get attention because it is not a typical top 10 or top 5 list and it mentions a very specific topic. Keep up on trends of what users are responding to and what they have grown bored of. Don't let yourself fall behind and always be the last to stop using a dying practice.

Scout the Internet for websites that offer advice on creating catchy titles for your blog and remember to use keywords in your titles and your content that is relevant to your website. Don't be afraid to use a unique sounding title, but always keep your content concise and professional.

Always Use a Format That Is Easy To Read

Blogs are not online novels and you will not get any traffic if you write huge pages of text that look like they come straight out of a book. All of your paragraphs need to be short and your content should be broken up with bullet-point lists, images or quotes. Some other blog formatting tips to remember include:

  • Use bold subheadings to separate paragraphs.
  • Try ending each blog post with a statement or question that encourages the reader to think.
  • Be personable in your content but try to avoid too much of the first-person point of view or recounting too many personal stories.
  • Keep your images at around 500 pixels by 500 pixels to make them easier for your readers to see on a single page.

Always Use Unique Content

No matter how perfectly written or interesting another blog's articles about commercial real estate are, you must be careful not to copy that content for your own site. If you are going to use content from another person's blog, either text, images, or graphs always get permission first. The only exception is when quoting someone. You do not need permission to do this, but should always attribute the quote correctly to the source.

Your best bet is to generate your own original blog content, or buy content from a professional website that allows you to own the content outright. Google and other search engines penalize duplicate content for a number of reasons, so posting stolen content may make your website start showing lower in search results. If your site does start getting attention regardless, the author of the content may find it and decide to sue.

If you want to expand your commercial real estate network and develop a way to sell your properties, then creating a professional blog is a top priority. When you follow the right formatting tips and provide content that has significant value for your users, you can gain the traffic you need to make your commercial real estate business a success. If you work hard enough at your real estate blog, then you may be able to sell advertising space on your blog and use it as another source of revenue., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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