Mobile Advertising for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Billboard Advertising

When it comes to effective commercial real estate advertising, it is always essential to look at every possible option. One of the more unconventional methods for advertising commercial real estate is through billboards. While usually too expensive and fixed to appeal to real estate agents, when billboards are used properly, then can expand your commercial real estate firm's brand name recognition and bring in more revenue.

The federal government has a variety of laws regarding billboards, many of which are covered by the 1965 Highway Beautification Act. That is why it is important to work with a professional marketing company that has experience in billboard advertising and can deliver your message in a safe and effective way.

Why Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising catches people's attention and can help to get your phone ringing or get traffic moving to your website. But the main effect of billboard advertising is to get people to see your commercial real estate firm's name over and over again and make a lasting impression on all of those commuters.

When people see your company name and slogan on a billboard repeatedly, they begin to associate your firm's name with all commercial real estate sales in the area. When a company is looking to buy a new location or wants to sell the location they have, your firm will be remembered from your billboards. Despite not buying or selling commercial real estate before, they already know that your company can help them do exactly that. This is brand awareness.

Look Around For a Progressive Billboard Company

There are essentially two types of billboards in use today; pasted images and digital billboards. Pasted images are the typical billboards that are a set structure that has giant posters pasted on them in sections. Digital billboards are relatively new, but they are popping up all over the United States and becoming extremely popular.

A more progressive billboard advertising company will give you the option of using pasted images or a digital billboard. Pasted images are effective because they still offer clearer images than most digital billboards. But the digital billboards are versatile and you can load more than one billboard on them at a time and have your different billboards cycle around so that the traffic sees each of them. It is also easier to change a digital billboard message.

Be Creative

A billboard that projects a clear and interesting image can be an effective advertising medium. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, when you are creating your billboard advertisement you must ensure it is informative, memorable and creative. A creative billboard will get people's attention and enhance your message.

For instance, it is sometimes possible to negotiate with your billboard advertising company to design the billboard to have a 3D front door open onto an interior image, or a billboard with additions on the sides to make it into non-standard shapes, such as one of your flagship commercial properties. A very unique and striking image that people will remember and even talk about assists greatly in your brand awareness.

Have a Real Message

The biggest misconception that many professionals have about billboards is that every billboard message must be crafted for cars moving at 60 miles per hour. Most billboards are placed in areas where either the speed limit is reduced, or traffic tends to build up. That is why you should take the opportunity to create a comprehensive message for your billboard that gets people's attention.

Your billboard should be structured in an organized fashion, have open space to capture the viewer's eye and a concise message that makes a point. For brand awareness you may want to simply put your company motto up on a billboard, or for a targeted property campaign you could include a one sentence summary of the property in question. The lesson to bear in mind is that your message can be more comprehensive than just a couple of words. Use the billboard to your advantage and display a strong marketing message.

A billboard in a prominent location can do a lot to help promote your commercial real estate firm. It is important to work with a professional marketing firm to develop a billboard ad that grabs people's attention and delivers a strong message.

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