Commercial Real Estate Billboard Advertising

Banner Ads for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Banner ads are the rectangular, often colorful ads that are placed along the top and sides of website pages. Sometimes banner ads belong to a pay-per-click program such as Google Adwords, which can be discerned by refreshing the page and seeing if the advertisement changes. A static banner ad is usually the result of an individual agreement between the website owner and a business.

When advertising your commercial real estate, you can either buy space for your banner ad as part of a pay-per-click program that will automatically pair your ad with a suitable website in the program, or you can personally identify and buy advertising from specific websites you think are key for your audience. Both forms of banner ad can be very effective when placed on websites where your ideal clients are frequent visitors.

Start Collecting Information on the Sites You Want To Use

The simplest way to find websites that will help you gain traffic from your banner ads is to do a search for the type of commercial real estate you want to sell and start looking at those websites. Sites that do not compete with you are a good place to begin looking at advertising partnerships with. However this method will mostly find you clients that are already interested in making a purchase, but will not reach a broader potential market and cement your company in place as their go-to option for commercial property. As an entry point into online advertising, a directly targeted site may be your best bet for cost-effective exposure to potential buyers.

After you have collected your list of websites, check each site for advertising rates and information. Many sites will list banner ad space pricing based on pixel, while others will show pictures of ad sizes that you can use to compare rates. If you do not see any advertising rates but you do see banner advertising, then contact the webmaster for information.

Developing Your Ad

You should develop a standard format for your banner ads that can be used for any size or orientation of ad. You will have to move and rescale some parts of the image to get information from a horizontal ad to fit on a vertical ad, but it will be easier if you have a template that can be easily manipulated.

A good banner ad has an appealing image, a strong headline and then a link to more information. If you are promoting a particular property, then the link should take people to the page describing that property. The page your link goes to is called a landing page and it can be separate from the rest of your site if you want. The important thing to remember about your landing page is that it needs to have all of the information your clients will need to determine if they want to contact you about the commercial real estate you are advertising.

Leave Plenty of Space

There can be a temptation with banner ads to fill up the entire ad with information, images and graphics. The reality is that you will want to leave plenty of blank space so that it is easy for your readers to pick out the important information. Blank space also makes your banner ad more visually appealing and will increase the number of hits you get.

Unify Your Marketing with Banner Ads

Your banner ads may be seen on websites that have traffic which does not normally visit commercial real estate websites. This means those ads represent a unique opportunity for you to establish your commercial real estate firm's brand and get people thinking about your company.

Your commercial real estate firm's media should have corporate colors, a specific font you use for your website and advertising and a corporate logo. The combination of all of those elements on your banner ads, and then people click through to your listing or your site, it creates an incredibly strong marketing image that can enhance your exposure and increase your professional network.

Develop a Tracking System

Tracking an online advertising campaign is in many ways far easier than tracking an offline one. Your banner ads should always be accompanied by analytical software coding that tracks where your traffic is coming from. This kind of software will tell you which websites are giving you the most hits, and a lot of other important demographic information.

A banner ad for your commercial real estate marketing firm can be an excellent way to expand your marketing and bring in more potential clients. The important thing to remember is that your ad must be easy to read and capture the interest. Develop strong banner ads and you will start to see more revenue for your commercial real estate firm., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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