Pay-per-Click Advertising for Commercial Real Estate

Print Advertising for Commercial Real Estate

Print advertising for commercial real estate covers a wide variety of areas from glossy pamphlets, real estate listings in a local newspaper, or advertising in any magazine, newspaper or publication you know will reach your target audience. Regardless of the insurgence of the internet, print advertising is still critical to selling properties. That means that print advertising, in any of its forms, needs to be a part of your marketing campaigns if you want to establish a strong professional network and generate the kind of revenue you need.

Why Print Advertising?

The National Association of Realtors recently did a study that showed that nearly 40% of people who buy real estate get their information from some form of print advertising. The Newspaper Association of America says that 56% of young adults still get the vast majority of their information from print mediums.

The data tells us that people still search printed mediums for information on commercial real estate, which means that you would be missing a significant part of your target audience if you did not utilize it yourself. In the end, it is just good business sense to advertise your commercial real estate listings in the form of print advertising that suits you best.

Consider Doing a Newsletter

An excellent form of print advertising is to create a monthly newsletter that you can hand out to potential clients and mail to your professional network. You can also invite members of your network to contribute content to your newsletter to broaden its appeal. You can have both a digital and print version of your newsletters to appeal to readers who prefer each type.

You can pay for a newsletter, and even generate a profit from it, by selling advertising in it. When your newsletter includes helpful information for commercial real estate investors and others in your audience and gains readership for this content, you should not have a problem developing a circulation that will warrant selling advertising. Print newsletters are convenient and easy for people to carry. Use the power of print newsletters to expand your customer base and generate some extra income.

Mailers, Postcards and Pamphlets

One of the reasons why so many commercial real estate agents stopped using email marketing is because an email is too easy for targeted prospects to ignore. Text message marketing is growing because it is estimated that 90% of all texts are opened and read by their recipients. But there is also a movement back towards mailers, postcards and pamphlets that you should keep abreast of.

There was a time when any kind of mailer was a challenging way to advertise commercial real estate because most corporate mailboxes were filled with marketing materials, and the volume meant that most were usually thrown away. But with the rise in text message marketing and the increased focus on Internet advertising, there are not nearly as many pamphlets and mailers as there used to be. They can still be effective forms of print advertising and now is the best time to send out your mailer to get it read by your target audience.

Explore Everything Magazines and Newspapers Have To Offer

The temptation with magazine and newspaper advertising is to invest in the big display ads that seem to get all of the readerís attention. While the display ads do get results, there are other sections of newspapers and magazines that you can be utilizing as well.

With six out of every 10 young entrepreneurs reading print media, there is a very good chance that they are reading specific sections to get the information they need. When placing an ad for commercial real estate in a magazine or newspaper, make sure that you put an ad in the real estate or other relevant section to get a more focused audience. You should also think about putting in some small commercial real estate classified ads as well because classifieds still get a big response.

Use a Variety of Content

Each commercial real estate ad that you run in a print medium should have one message. A focused ad is easier to read and will get you the results that you are looking for. If you want to introduce your real estate firm, then make that the only topic of your advertisement. Then you can use separate ads for all of your listings to gain exposure for each of your commercial properties.

Print advertising is a very powerful medium that reaches a diverse audience. In order to gain the largest possible audience for your commercial real estate listings, you need to investigate what print media are commonly viewed by your target audience and utilize as many print advertising options as are viable. Remember to focus each ad on an individual topic and put ads in the pertinent section possible., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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