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Mobile Advertising for Commercial Real Estate

According to Calico Marketing, nine out of 10 people in the United States have smartphones and 21% of those people use their smartphones as their only means of accessing the Internet. That means that there is plenty of opportunity for your commercial real estate firm to reach clients by using mobile marketing. Breaking into this growing market segment as soon as possible is important to prevent your competition gaining a foothold on the mobile-using crowd that is hard to dislodge.

Mobile marketing is very different than other, more traditional forms of marketing. You are limited on how long your message can be and the graphic content of your message is usually nothing. Your words are the only content you have to attract users to your ads, and that is why it helps to have a professional marketing expert on your side.

Find Your Target Audience

There are volumes of marketing data available on how to reach the right target audience in mobile marketing, but much of it comes down to how effective your marketing company is at developing a focused list of contacts. You need to sit down with your marketing company and develop a profile of your target audience. Your mobile marketing campaign will only work if you are able to reach a audience that is interested in your commercial real estate message.

Use Metrics to Measure Success

As with any marketing campaign, you need to develop a set of metrics to measure the progress of your mobile marketing campaign. You want to find out what your target audience thinks of your message, whether it was inappropriate for them or if you even have the right target audience at all. Good metrics will allow you to analyze every aspect of your mobile marketing campaign and refine your approach for future campaigns.

Do Not Allow Your Campaign to Be Annoying

There was a time when mobile marketing campaigns were not a good idea because phone users had to pay for every message they sent and received. When your marketing campaign starts costing your target audience money, it usually negates the campaign's efficiency.

But these days, many smartphone users have unlimited text programs and responsible marketing companies only use the numbers of people who have opted to receive marketing messages. However even though your audience is willing to read your message, it does not mean that you should keep sending frequent messages beyond what is reasonable.

Craft a mobile marketing campaign with a concise message and then use it for just one or two outreaches to your audience. Once that campaign is over, start planning the next one, but do not keep repeating the same ads or send ads at a frequency that will only prove to frustrate your audience.

Use Mobile Marketing as a Part of a Full Campaign

As effective as mobile marketing can be for your commercial real estate business, it should only be one part of a broad campaign. Your mobile marketing campaign can be considered to be part of your online marketing approach, although it does differ from the traditional email and Internet marketing methods in many ways.

Your mobile marketing campaign can be more effective if it ties in with some other part of your marketing plan. For example, a text message reminding people to see your commercial real estate listing in the local newspaper will increase your potential exposure and allow people to see a more complete message than exists in the paper alone. You can also use mobile marketing to encourage people to visit your website or call your office for more information.

Always Identify Your Message

It is estimated that nearly 90% of all text messages get opened, but they do not necessarily get read. If you want your mobile message to be read, then be sure to identify your message in the subject line as being from your company. Just because people opt to receive marketing messages does not mean that they open every unidentified message they get. Identify your company in your mobile marketing message and you will increase the amount of people who read your messages.

Mobile advertising is becoming extremely popular all over the world and that is why your commercial real estate firm needs to start utilizing this marketing approach as soon as possible. It is important to remember you can increase the likelihood that your message will be read by contracting a professional marketing company and create a compelling message for your target audience., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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