Print Advertising for Commercial Real Estate

Advertising Commercial Real Estate Using Targeted Mailers

Print advertising for your commercial real estate listings is still extremely effective even in the digital age, and so you should still be using targeted mailers as part of your marketing campaign. A professionally-designed targeted mailer can give your properties a polished look that will go a long way towards separating you from the other commercial real estate agents in the area.

Before you start sending out targeted mailers, there are a few tips that you need to be aware of that will help your message to be clear and effective. It is always a good idea to have a professional marketing firm design your mailers, but you should be involved in every part of the process as well.

Always Proofread Mailers Before They Are Printed Up

There are so many details in a commercial real estate mailer that could cause problems if they are incorrect. A single digit that is wrong in a property address or the wrong phone number could result in you spending money on thousands of useless mailers.

Always make it a point to proofread all mailer content before it is printed up and put a proofreading clause in any agreements that you make with marketing companies. Even professional marketing companies can make mistakes, which is why you need to proofread your mailers.

Pay Attention to the Rules for Mailers

An improperly printed mailer could cost you extra money in postage without you even realizing it. If you place your address labels in the wrong spots on your mailers, then they may never get to their destinations.

One of the advantages of hiring a professional marketing firm to handle your targeted mailers is that an experienced firm is going to be aware of the guidelines for creating proper mailers. Always rely on the experience of professionals to help avoid problems and unnecessary costs.

Be Diligent and Cover the Details

It is important to get your mailers out quickly when a property enters your portfolio so there is no wasted time in selling it, but you do not want to rush them and forget important details. The marketing company you use will not know if you have left any information out because they can only work from the information you gave them. Take your time and map out all of the information you require on your mailers to make sure it is complete and covers all of the details.

Create Focused Content

If you plan on sending out a generic sales letter as the main text for your mailer, then you will almost certainly waste your time and money. To get the best possible results from your campaign, the content needs to focus on specific topics and offer valuable information.

Instead of sending out mailers giving a generic message introducing yourself as a commercial real estate agent in the area, you should have properties listed with specific and valuable details. When you give people a taste of what you can offer or what sets you apart from other agents, then they will have a reason to call you.

Offer Supporting Materials Online

There is only so much information you can realistically put on a targeted mailer, which is why you need to augment your mailer with relevant online information. If you have separate web pages for each of your listings, then include those links on your mailer. Also include the address of your website and your social media profiles as well.

Plan Time Sensitive Material Properly

If you intend to have an open house at one of your commercial real estate listings, then you need to start planning your mailers months before the event is scheduled to happen. A commercial real estate open house is much different than a residential open house and a lot of planning has to go into a commercial property viewing. Get your mailers finalized and mailed at least one month prior to your event, whatever it may be, and offer your audience a variety of RSVP options.

Track the Success of Your Mailers

In order to decide how best to do future targeted mailer campaigns, you need to know how successful previous mailers were. Your professional marketing firm should have ways of tracking your mailers and giving you data to compare, but the easiest way is to put a code, reference number or specific name on the mailer and have your potential client give you that information when they contact you.

A good way to motivate people to call about your properties and remember their mailer code is to offer a small gift for people who call with their code. It does not need to be anything extravagant and can come in the form of free services or small promotional items, but it does need to be enough motivation to prompt people to refer to their mailer when they call you.

Targeted mailers are a great way to enhance your commercial real estate marketing campaigns. With the help of a professional marketing firm, you can bring in more potential buyers and increase your sales with targeted mailers., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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