How to Successfully Advertise Commercial Real Estate

Advertising Commercial Real Estate for FREE

In business, as in life, it is always better to get something for free than it is to pay for it. If you are trying to sell commercial real estate, then you are probably an active person in the local business scene and you have networked with thousands of business contacts. But you may not realize that you can significantly expand that network by advertising your commercial real estate for free.

The effectiveness of free advertising depends on how much research you do to reach your target audience. For example, putting up fliers on community message boards to get inquiries for your properties only works if those message boards are located in places where people from your target audience will see them. Utilize the free resources at your disposal and you can significantly increase your commercial real estate sales revenue.

Create a Free Website

There are many commercial real estate sales professionals who utilize free website services to list their properties and generate interest. Many free website services offer professional looking templates and simple site building tools that will allow you to list properties quickly and with high-definition pictures.

Instead of paying a monthly fee for your commercial real estate website, you can get something similar to it for free, including many of the services you would expect from a pay site. All you need to do is promote your site online and offline and you will start to see the inquiries coming in.

Social Media

You probably will not sell many properties directly from your social media pages, but you can create a nationwide network of business contacts that will make it easier to find potential buyers. This can take the form of reaching out to commercial clients who are considering setting up a location in your area, and you can also expand your local network of business contacts as well.

Online and Offline Press Releases

Sending out press releases to online and offline media outlets is always an effective way to advertise your commercial real estate properties. If you have a property that is in a high profile area, or if you have an interesting story to tell about a property you have available, then write it up and send it out to as many media outlets as possible.

Both print and digital media companies use press releases to fill space in their publications that would otherwise be blank. The thing to remember with press releases is that they have to offer some kind of news element, which is why you need to find a unique story to tell about your properties. But if you can find a news angle, you can receive free exposure with press releases.

Use Your Current Clients

A referral program that brings in new business will cost you nothing if you base the incentive payment on whether or not a property sells. The biggest mistake some commercial real estate professionals make is they pay for referrals whether those referrals create sales or not. You can offer your current customers a generous referral payment for new business that closes if you set out clearly from the beginning the proper requirements.

Make a Sales Video

There is a very good chance that your smartphone has a high definition video camera built into it that you can use to make a quick video of each of your commercial real estate properties for sale. If you decide to make a serious effort of creating these videos and want them to look professional, you can invest in a better video camera, but it is not necessary for making simple films.

Your videos only need to be long enough to show off the best selling attributes of your properties. They can be silent videos, but they must be in color. You will also want to avoid making videos that move too quickly, are hard to see or are shaky.

Once you make your videos, you can post them to your social media pages. You can also put them on a video hosting website and add a link to the video from your free website. That would give you a website that offers high-definition pictures and videos of each of your properties, without having to pay a penny.

Commercial real estate is an extremely competitive market that requires you to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. It is always smart to invest in the very best marketing plans from a professional commercial real estate marketing organization. But you can also benefit by utilizing all of the free resources that are available to you on the Internet and offline as well., the home of office rental online, presents office space in
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