Read on for tips on traditional methods as well as new trends about selling commercial real estate.

How to Successfully Advertise Commercial Real Estate

Advertising and selling commercial real estate offers a set of challenges that are not part of selling residential properties. Many commercial clients have a particular location in mind and their ideal property has to meet a list of criteria that are all designed to reduce their cost of doing business. If you cannot find just the right property for a commercial client, then there may be no deal.

A significant part of the success of a commercial real estate salesperson is being able to find new prospects and keep listed properties in view of the people who may be interested in them. That means that advertising commercial real estate is essential to maintaining a successful sales career and there are many ways to advertise commercial real estate to reach the perfect audience.

Using Online Resources

Since business professionals now rely heavily on the Internet to do research and conduct business, it only makes sense to have a strong online presence for your commercial real estate advertising. The key is to keep your information updated and make sure that you provide a way for customers to get fast answers to their questions.

Social Media

Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are excellent resources for finding, identifying and interacting with potential commercial property clients. Apart from individual contacts, these networks are also invaluable for creating a web of professional relationships who can refer potential buyers.

It is important to remember that a significant portion of commercial real estate buyers can come from outside your area. So the more you expand your reach on social media, the more you can expand your valuable network of potential buyers.

Blogs and Video Hosting Websites

When discussing social media websites and commercial real estate advertising, it is a good idea to separate out blogs and video hosting websites to underscore their importance. A blog is an excellent way of personally answering direct questions from your clients as well as acting as a professional resource to people looking to buy commercial real estate.

An active channel on a video hosting website can put your current real estate listings in front of millions of prospective buyers each day. You can choose to pay for videos that are produced by professionals, or you can purchase a good digital camera and learn to create appealing videos of your properties. Either way, a video channel will attract additional traffic to your website and put the best view of your property up for display.

Your Website

Your commercial real estate website needs to be a resource where potential buyers can find all of the information they need on currently listed properties. To this end your site needs to have pictures, links to maps and information that is updated as required to reflect new pricing and add new listings. All your social media profiles should connect to your website and you should utilize your social media presence to drive traffic to your site.

Buying Advertising

It can be difficult to decide where your advertising budget is best spent on the large and fast-moving internet. As a general rule, if you see your competition placing banner advertisements on a website that is complimentary to your commercial real estate business, then you should contact those webmasters and buy space on those sites as well. Good banner advertisements can help drive significant traffic to your site.

If you are not able to create your own banner ads, another alternative is a pay-per-click program that will allow you to place banner and text ads on sites based on keyword searches. These types of ads are very effective because they are designed to be intuitive and wind up on sites that your target audience visits.

Offline Advertising

A good commercial real estate advertising plan consists of online and offline components. Your offline advertising helps to reinforce your online efforts and you can reach an entirely different audience, while supplementing your online traffic with information about your website and social media profiles.

Print Advertising

Taking out print advertisements in local newspapers and magazines that reach your target audience is another way to expand the exposure for your properties. The most important consideration about print advertising is that your name, your agency name and your contact information, including online details, has to be large and legible for the ads to be effective.


When potential real estate clients are scouting around for a new business location, the chances that they will see billboards situated in that area are very high. Digital billboards allow you to update your billboard messages regularly and use this powerful form of advertising to your advantage.

Mobile Advertising

More and more business owners are accessing the Internet away from the office or on the move, so there is no guarantee the people visiting your website are using a PC or laptop. If you want to reach your target audience and maximize your revenue generation, then you need to get involved in mobile advertising.

In the world of commercial real estate, it is important to keep your name and your current listings in front your target audience constantly. A diverse advertising plan is an effective way to deliver your message and sell property.

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